Saturday, October 9, 2010

Haul: Shopping in Antwerp

A while ago I went shopping in Antwerp with my friend Magali.
I always say I don't like shopping, but I actually do unless it's for clothes, and only if its not too busy.

So here are the things I bought. Not just makeup, I got some jewelry too.

 I'll go over each item quickly. If you'd like me to do a seperate review, let me know.

I had been wanting to Hoola bronzer from Benefit. I like using it with my Sigma SS to contour and I really like it so far. Its not too dark and easy to blend. Also like how the colour looks on my skin tone.

At Kruidvat (drugstore in Belgium and the Netherlands) I saw the Dream creamy foundation, which is called Dream smooth mousse foundation in the US and possibly the UK. I got it in the lightest shade which was 08 Light beige. I haven't really tried this product yet but it does feel really smooth.

 We each picked up one of the Bourjois Smokey eyes trios. They were buy one get one free so we split the price of one. Really good deal.
I got the trio in . I think the pigmentation is really nice and I like using these colours for a quick neurtal eye.

I also got 2 of the Catrice lipsticks. I already had 2 colours and I like the texture of them so I wanted to get some more. Plus they're really cheap. I personally never really wear lipstick cause my lips are really dry and it just doesn't look nice. So I mainly got this for when I do makeup on other people.


I also got the kohl from catrice cause I needed a black kohl pencil. Had this one before and I think it's really nice especially for the price.


At Instant Spa, I bought Extravagance by OPI. It's one of the colours from the Designer Series and it is gorgeous. I've always wanted to try OPI polishes but they're really expensive here. When I saw this one, I just had to have it lol. I'll probably look for OPI polishes online in the future tho.


Next: jewelry.

I got two pairs of earrings from New Look. I'd seen the leopard ones before but wasn't sure if I wanted  them or not. Seeing them a second time really made me want to get them, do I did :).
Also thought the little fairies looked really cute.

Then we went in to a store called I Am, which I hadn't seen before. They had lots and lots of nice accesoires. I picked out these gold butterflies. Until then I always stayed away from gold earrings cause for some reason I didn't think they looked good on me. But Magali convinced me to get them and I'm glad she did.

We also stopped at the River Island store which opened not too long ago. On our way to the accessories section, Magali spotted this really cool ring that looked alot like the leopard earrings I had bought earlier. Only problem was that it was too small for me. So we went looking for a larger size, but couldn't find one. Even asked one of the girls from the store if and when they were gonna come back in stock. She said they were gonna get them back in stock but she didn't know when. So I was like ok, I'll just have to come back every day to check if they're back. Then, on our way out, Magali found another one, and it was a bigger one, yay! She then decided to get it too lol.

That's all for now.
Up next: Venomous Villains haul!!

Have a nice weekend.



  1. Extravagance ziet er zo mooi uit!!

  2. Ik vind hem ook SUPER mooi! Jammer alleen dat hij nogal duur is... Ik durf hem bijna niet te gebruiken ;)

  3. nice post!
    where is ELF in Antwerp? I wanna go there as well!