Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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I'm posting pictures of pretty much anything I like on there.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm back + January favorites


Sorry I'v been MIA (missing in action) for so long... But, now the exams are almost over I'll be posting more often again, and I'll start off with favorites.I'm gonna try and do these monthly. I did say try ;)

So here are my january favorites:

* MAC - Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (in Medium): I don't have good skin, so I usually wear foundation with a pretty heavy coverage. On days that I wanna give my skin a break and don't want a thick layer of foundation, I use Mineralize Skinfinish Natural to even out my skintone. When I am wearing liquid foundation, I like using it as my setting powder.

* The Balm - Balms Away: I ordered this from the Beauty Queen webshop a while ago and I've been using it since to take off my makeup. On the back it says: "Apply a dollop onto closed eye. Keep eye closed. Move product in circular motion allowing makeup to break up (30 seconds). Wipe away with soft tissue and see amazing results." It does break up the makeup nicely and I sometimes use it on my entire face before I wash it with a cleanser. It makes it so much easier to take off mascara and waterproof makeup. I don't have to rub my eyes as much so I don't pull out as many lashes. Plus, the balm feels really moisturising.

* Max Factor - False Lash Effect: This has been my favorite mascara for almost a year now. I've been loving it since I first got it. I think this is my 4th one and I have 2 backups lol. Whenever it goes on sale I pick one up cause it's quite expensive (€16.99). I plan on trying Covergirl's Lashblast next cause it has the same type of brush and it's cheaper (about €10 I think). As far as I know, Covergirl is only sold at Delhaize in Belgium and only the bigger ones. I'll try and remember to look for it next time I'm close to a Delhaize.

* Les Cosmétiques - Makeup wipes: I think this brand is only sold at GB or Carrefour, but i love these wipes. I use them after the Balms away and they work great. And they're pretty cheap too!

* The Body Shop - Almond Oil Daily Hand & Nail Cream: I bought this bottle when it was on sale after the holidays (€12 instead of €20). Great deal for 250ml (8.4US oz). I love the smell and the pump makes it super easy to get just enough product. The cream sinks into your skin super fast and leaves it nice and soft.

That's all for january. Not alot of products, but I blame the exams for that!

Thanks for stopping by!