Sunday, November 6, 2011

Basics: An eye chart / diagram


Today we're going back to basics! When I make an EOTD and explain where I put which colour, I assume most of you know where your crease, waterline, outer corner or brow bone is. I decided to make a little eye chart to show the different parts of the eye and explain the different areas.

Yes, you're allowed to laugh at this colourful mess :) I suck at using editing programs lol.


Light pink - Brow bone: This is the brow bone area. Usually light colours are used here to highlight the brow bone and make it stand out more. I personally prefer matte highlight colours here, but you could use shimmery ones just as well.

Red - Crease: The is the crease. The crease is were most people's eyelid kind of folds. If you touch this area with your finger, you can feel where the brow bone stops and your eye ball starts. Darker colours are used in the crease to define the eye. Or you could use a lighter colour to blend out the colour on the lid for a smooth transition.

Orange - Lid: This is the lid of the eye. It's the skin that covers your eye ball and moves when you blink. You can keep the lid light to make  your eyes appear bigger, or go for a darker colour for a more sultry lid.

Yellow - Inner corner: The inner corner is often highlighted, like the brow bone, to make it pop. I like using pale shimmery colours here that will really open up the eye and make it look more awake.

Purple - Outer corner/outer V: The outer corner or outer V (referring to the horizontal V-like shape) is usually where dark colours are used to give the eye more depth. Darker colours on the outside of the eye give the eye a lift.

Black - Upper lashline: Usually the upper lashline is lined with black or brown. You can use pencils, eyeliners or eyeshadows for this. A smudged out dark colour along the lashes will make them look a lot fuller.

Blue - Bottom / lower lash line: I personally don't put eyeshadow on the lower lash line on a daily basis. I will put the same colour I used on in the crease or outer corner along the lower lashes when I'm doing a darker look. Sometimes I like to use a completely different colour for a more interesting look.

Green - Waterline: The waterline is the skin that is in between the lashes and the eye. For a very dark smokey eye, I like to use a black eyeliner, but usually I don't put anything on the waterline. To make your eyes look bigger, you can use a white or cream coloured pencil.

And that's it! I know there are different ways to name the parts or the eye but these are the names I use to explain where I used which colour.
I also know most of you don't need an eye chart to know what I'm talking about, but even if it only helped 1 person out there, I'm happy :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments!

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