Thursday, October 28, 2010

NOTD: Purple + Glitter

I've been trying to switch up my nail polish more regulary because I have so many colours and I always end up wearing the same ones.

Yesterday I put on Plum Play With Me from Catrice, and I added glitter on my thumbs and ring fingers. For the glitter I used one coat of Models Own's Purple Haze and one coat of Bourjois' Paillettes Disco. I love the glitter, might actually put it on all my nails some time.

Here are the pictures:

Artificial light


That's it for now, more notd's coming up!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Haul: MAC - Venomous Villains

Last saturday the Venomous Villians collection finally came out in Belgium. I had been waiting for this collection since the first time I read about it, which must have been some time in june. So I had enough time to decide what I wanted and save up for it. 
So a week before the collection came in stores, I went to the MAC store I always go to when a collection comes out to ask if they could put some things aside for me. They said that with this collection they couldn't really do that because it was such a popular collection and they didn't have alot of stock. But a couple people already pre ordered stuff and they said they'd allow it one last time for me. Yay! I was super excited, but then I had to wait another week to take my things home.
One of my friends wanted to check out the collection too. On saturday morning, we got up early so we'd be at the store before it even opened to make sure we could have a look at everything.
When the store opened, first thing I did was pay my things so I knew how much money I had left in case I wanted more things lol. I didn't plan on getting anyhting else, but when the MUA tried the Darkly my dear blush on my friend, I really wanted that too :).

Here's everything I got:

Love the packaging. Looks so pretty in my makeup drawer. Some people think it's childish, but I love how it reminds me of when I was little and watched Disney movies.

From the 'Cruella' part of the collection I got the 'Her own devices' beauty powder (left) and 'Darkly my dear' matte blush (right).

Swatched on my hand without base.

From 'Evil Queen', I got the 'Oh so fair' beauty powder (left) and two eyeshadows in 'Vainglorious' (top) and 'Vile violet' (bottem).

Swatches on my hand. Beauty powder without base. The two swatches at the top are without base, bottem ones are over Urban Decay Primer Potion. See how a good base makes a huge difference?

From the 'Maleficent' line, I got the beauty powder called 'Briar rose', the mineralized eyeshadow in 'My dark magic' and nail polish in 'Formidable'.

Swatches on my hand. Beauty powder without base. Both parts of eyeshadow swatched first without base, then on UDPP, then foiled (wet) using Fix+.

A quick swatch of Formidable nail polish. Swatches on my nails will follow.
 It looks so much more amazing in person!

Lastly, from 'Dr. Facilier', I picked up 'Push the edge' pigment and the greasepaint stick in 'Slick black'.

Swatched on my hand. Pigment swatched dry, over UDPP and foiled using Fix+.

I LOVE this pigment, however, I don't like how it stains when foiled... Anyone else have this problem?
Oh well, it's so pretty I can live with that.

I love everything I got and it was well worth all the hard work to save up for it.
If you you'd like more information about these products, check out Temptalia's videos on the collection which you can find on her youtube channel and website. She does an amazing job at reviewing and swatching products!

Thats all folks.Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Haul: Shopping in Antwerp

A while ago I went shopping in Antwerp with my friend Magali.
I always say I don't like shopping, but I actually do unless it's for clothes, and only if its not too busy.

So here are the things I bought. Not just makeup, I got some jewelry too.

 I'll go over each item quickly. If you'd like me to do a seperate review, let me know.

I had been wanting to Hoola bronzer from Benefit. I like using it with my Sigma SS to contour and I really like it so far. Its not too dark and easy to blend. Also like how the colour looks on my skin tone.

At Kruidvat (drugstore in Belgium and the Netherlands) I saw the Dream creamy foundation, which is called Dream smooth mousse foundation in the US and possibly the UK. I got it in the lightest shade which was 08 Light beige. I haven't really tried this product yet but it does feel really smooth.

 We each picked up one of the Bourjois Smokey eyes trios. They were buy one get one free so we split the price of one. Really good deal.
I got the trio in . I think the pigmentation is really nice and I like using these colours for a quick neurtal eye.

I also got 2 of the Catrice lipsticks. I already had 2 colours and I like the texture of them so I wanted to get some more. Plus they're really cheap. I personally never really wear lipstick cause my lips are really dry and it just doesn't look nice. So I mainly got this for when I do makeup on other people.


I also got the kohl from catrice cause I needed a black kohl pencil. Had this one before and I think it's really nice especially for the price.


At Instant Spa, I bought Extravagance by OPI. It's one of the colours from the Designer Series and it is gorgeous. I've always wanted to try OPI polishes but they're really expensive here. When I saw this one, I just had to have it lol. I'll probably look for OPI polishes online in the future tho.


Next: jewelry.

I got two pairs of earrings from New Look. I'd seen the leopard ones before but wasn't sure if I wanted  them or not. Seeing them a second time really made me want to get them, do I did :).
Also thought the little fairies looked really cute.

Then we went in to a store called I Am, which I hadn't seen before. They had lots and lots of nice accesoires. I picked out these gold butterflies. Until then I always stayed away from gold earrings cause for some reason I didn't think they looked good on me. But Magali convinced me to get them and I'm glad she did.

We also stopped at the River Island store which opened not too long ago. On our way to the accessories section, Magali spotted this really cool ring that looked alot like the leopard earrings I had bought earlier. Only problem was that it was too small for me. So we went looking for a larger size, but couldn't find one. Even asked one of the girls from the store if and when they were gonna come back in stock. She said they were gonna get them back in stock but she didn't know when. So I was like ok, I'll just have to come back every day to check if they're back. Then, on our way out, Magali found another one, and it was a bigger one, yay! She then decided to get it too lol.

That's all for now.
Up next: Venomous Villains haul!!

Have a nice weekend.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

NOTD: American Apparel - Peacock

I only recently found out we had an American Apparel store in Antwerp. Last week I decided to go check it out, mainly for their nail polishes.
They were €9 each and I picked up one in the colour Peacock. It was the one colour that really caught my eye and was nothing like anything I have in my stash.

So, last night I painted my nails

The polish is actually pretty opaque. I used 2 coats and a topcoat. I love this colour and I really liked how it applied.
I got the one glitter nail idea from Lorraine aka TheCurrentCustom and TheCurrentBoobies on Youtube (channels here and here). I really like it and I've been adding the glitter nail to my manicure since I saw her wear it in one of her daily videos.
I can't really tell you what the glitter polish is, cause I just mixed a bunch of polishes together to get the multi colour glitter effect. Then I added some of the Essence Nail Art star dust in  01 Sunset Boulevard.

I like this cause it goes with any colour and its sooooo sparklyyyy :)

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Haul: London & Cardiff

Ok ok, I haven't been posting again. Classes started again and I been alot busier than I was so that's why I haven't been on here.
Anyway, here's the stuff I bought in London and Cardiff.

When we (my brother and I) were on our way to Cardiff, we made a little stop in London. I only really wanted to visit one store there, the Inglot store. So we went to the Westfield shopping center ( really liked that shopping center). On our way to the Inglot store, we passed Boots so I had to go in and ask if they had the Urban Decay Naked palette. And they did yay! The lady said they had only just gotten it in store and she didn't know if she could sell it yet. So she made a call and she could, double yay.

So here it is ( and yes, I know all you makeup lovers out there have probably seen it a billion times but it's just so pretty!)

Comes with a little UDPP and brown and black liner. I really like those, too bad they're expensive and not available in Belgium.

Next I went to have a look at the L'Oreal counter cause I wanted to buy their liquid liner and I wanted to try the Voluminous mascara cause I had read so many good reviews on it and I couldn't find it anywhere here. I know we can get the liners in Belgium too but they're just alot cheaper in the UK ( £5.99 which is about €7, opposed to €14.99 here).
So I got the Voluminous mascara in carbon black, which I haven't really tried yet so can't tell you how I like it. Might do a review on it later. And I got 2 of the Super Liners, one in carbon black, which is just a black, and one in black sparkles, which is a black one with silver sparkles. I really do like these and I wish they were cheaper here. Guess I'll just have to stock up on them whenever I visit the UK lol.

Next stop: Inglot!
I had seen a couple reviews online and I had visited their website, so I knew they had alot of colours, but boy was it hard to pick 10. It took me about half an hour and I could have spend even more time in there if I was alone, but I didn't want to bore my brother too much lol. So I went for the freedom system and chose 10 colours in the square pans. On our way home we went to the Westfield Shopping Center again, so I had to get another palette lol. I rearranged the colours when I got home so I don't remember which colours I got first and which ones I got the second time. I also bought the Duraline. On the back it says "Duraline is a special liquid that will turn any powder eyeshadow into a liquid formulation". Again, haven't really tried it so review might follow.
Also got an angled brush for my brows.

These eyeshadows are so smooth and feel so soft. They're also very easy to blend and the pigment is amazing. I wish there was an Inglot store closer so I could get all the colours lol. I actually like these better than MAC and they're alot cheaper. Don't get me wrong tho, still really love my MAC eyeshadows.
Here are just a couple colours swatched (no base used).

 (Btw, all images on my blog are clickable for full size image)

If you want to know more about these or Inglot in general, there are plenty of reviews on Youtube and elsewhere on the web. Or you can visit their website here. I say, if you get the chance to visit the store, you really should.

Then I spotted the MAC store and went in to pick up a couple things from the Fabulous Felines collection.

I got the Palace Pedigreed quad and the Superslick Liquid Liner in Smokey Heir, cause I love purple.

I think that was about it for the shopping center.
On to the things I got while we were in Cardiff.

About a year ago, I decided to try the Revlon Colorstay cause I had heard so many good things about it and it's now my favorite foundation ever. I have really bad skin so I like a good coverage and I haven't found a foundation that last longer than this one. I always get the one for combination/oily skin cause my face can get quite oily during the day. For some reason though, they don't seem to have the full colour range here. I am quite fair and I have been using it in 220 Natural Beige, which is ok during the summer but too dark during the winter. When I find that it's really too dark I mix some of the MAC Face and Body foundation in white in with it. I knew theres one in the colour 110 Ivory, which is lighter, so I got a bottle of that one. I really don't know why they don't sell the lightest colours here though...

The only thing I don't like about this product is the bottle. It doesn't have a pump so I always get to much or make a huge mess. Recently I found something that makes it alot easier for me. I put the foundation in a small travel bottle. I put the label on the bottle so I know what colour it is. Also, it's alot smaller than the orignal bottle, which saves alot of space in my makeup bag.

During another visit at Boots, I bought the Too Faced Shadow insurance. So far I like it, but I don't know if I like it better than the UDPP yet. I'll have to do a little experiment on that some time.

That's it for the make up.
As far as other beauty products go, I bought a couple things that I either can't find in Belgium or were cheaper in the UK. I wanted to try these products based on good reviews.
At Lush (cheaper in the UK), I got the Lemony Flutter cuticle butter and Cosmetic Warrior fresh facial mask

The cuticle butter I really like. The mask made my skin feel nice after using it, but I didn't see a change after using it about twice a week for 4 weeks, and didn't like the smell (has garlic in it lol) so don't know if I would purchase that one again.

Lastly at Superdrug, I picked up the Iron style and hold spray from Tresemmé which is a heat protectant, and the Cocoa butter deep conditioning body lotion. Haven't used them enough to tell you what I think about them. What I can tell you though, is that these two products do smell nice.

And that rounds up my haul. There will be reviews and makeup looks with some of these products in the future. I'm just not gonna say when cause I have no idea. :)

Thanks for stopping by!!