Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Haul: MAC - Venomous Villains

Last saturday the Venomous Villians collection finally came out in Belgium. I had been waiting for this collection since the first time I read about it, which must have been some time in june. So I had enough time to decide what I wanted and save up for it. 
So a week before the collection came in stores, I went to the MAC store I always go to when a collection comes out to ask if they could put some things aside for me. They said that with this collection they couldn't really do that because it was such a popular collection and they didn't have alot of stock. But a couple people already pre ordered stuff and they said they'd allow it one last time for me. Yay! I was super excited, but then I had to wait another week to take my things home.
One of my friends wanted to check out the collection too. On saturday morning, we got up early so we'd be at the store before it even opened to make sure we could have a look at everything.
When the store opened, first thing I did was pay my things so I knew how much money I had left in case I wanted more things lol. I didn't plan on getting anyhting else, but when the MUA tried the Darkly my dear blush on my friend, I really wanted that too :).

Here's everything I got:

Love the packaging. Looks so pretty in my makeup drawer. Some people think it's childish, but I love how it reminds me of when I was little and watched Disney movies.

From the 'Cruella' part of the collection I got the 'Her own devices' beauty powder (left) and 'Darkly my dear' matte blush (right).

Swatched on my hand without base.

From 'Evil Queen', I got the 'Oh so fair' beauty powder (left) and two eyeshadows in 'Vainglorious' (top) and 'Vile violet' (bottem).

Swatches on my hand. Beauty powder without base. The two swatches at the top are without base, bottem ones are over Urban Decay Primer Potion. See how a good base makes a huge difference?

From the 'Maleficent' line, I got the beauty powder called 'Briar rose', the mineralized eyeshadow in 'My dark magic' and nail polish in 'Formidable'.

Swatches on my hand. Beauty powder without base. Both parts of eyeshadow swatched first without base, then on UDPP, then foiled (wet) using Fix+.

A quick swatch of Formidable nail polish. Swatches on my nails will follow.
 It looks so much more amazing in person!

Lastly, from 'Dr. Facilier', I picked up 'Push the edge' pigment and the greasepaint stick in 'Slick black'.

Swatched on my hand. Pigment swatched dry, over UDPP and foiled using Fix+.

I LOVE this pigment, however, I don't like how it stains when foiled... Anyone else have this problem?
Oh well, it's so pretty I can live with that.

I love everything I got and it was well worth all the hard work to save up for it.
If you you'd like more information about these products, check out Temptalia's videos on the collection which you can find on her youtube channel and website. She does an amazing job at reviewing and swatching products!

Thats all folks.Thanks for stopping by!


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