Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nailart: Jungle nails

I got bored, so I did my nails...

The leopard print was inspired by Wah-Nails (check out their website here) Their designs are amazing! They even do Spongebob nails. I wanted something different for my ring finger, so I went for a camo print. Turned out pretty good for a first try I think.

These are the colours I used:

- Hema 2 in 1 Ridge filler & Base coat
- GOSH 046 Ginger ( got discontinued I think )
- Catrice 200 From Dusk To Dawn
- Catrice C02 Bronzed Brown ( from the Caramé collection, LE )
- Catrice 240 Sold Out Forever
- Acrylic paints
- INM Out The Door Topcoat

Hope you like it!


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