Sunday, August 21, 2011

Favorites: Makeup artist and beauty blogger, Linda Hallberg

Hello hello!

Today’s post is about one of my favorite blogs to look at when I need inspiration or when I just want tolook at beautiful makeup looks. The blog I’m talking about is the one from Linda Hallberg.


I love this girl, she’s gorgeous! I love the looks she does and the way she does her makeup. She’s a 24 year old Swedish hair and makeup artist who works for Make Up Store.

She posts EOTD’s mostly and I love them for inspiration. She loves to use colours and knows how to combine them. She also writes about products she likes, clients she worked on, personal stuff,… She writes in Swedish, but I always use Google translate so I know what she’s talking about.

I’ll show you some of my favorite looks by her!
Some colourful looks:


Smokey eyes:


Creative looks:


She does neutral looks too :) :


And she’s great with hair as well!:


So do you like her looks? Did you already know Linda Hallberg?
Definitely go check out her blog if you didn’t!!

Up next: a sparkly NOTD!



  1. I love all of the makeup looks. They were AWESOME and so PRETTY!!!!! The hair looked really nice too!!!!!!!!!

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  3. EOTD's...what does that stand for?

  4. Wow!
    Amazing job!

    If you allow me I will leave a page where you can find tanning products. Hope you like it;)

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