Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: Sleek Oh So Special and Curaçao I-Divine Palettes

Hello folks!

Sleek makeup recently came out with a new collection: The Caribbean collection. The collection consists of an eyeshadow palette, a blush and a tinted lipbalm. I only picked up the eyeshadow palette. After I bought their Storm palette when I was in London, I started collecting their palettes. I think the quality of the eyeshadows is amazing for the prize (around £7 or €9 or $12).

This palette from the Caribbean collection is called "Curaçao" and is filled with bright and fun colours.
Lets have a look:

Sleek Curaçao palette (click for larger view)

Like all the Sleek palettes, these eyeshadows are nicely pigmented. The matte shadows are usually a little less pigmented than the shimmery/metalic ones. The darker matte colours usually show up better I find. Over a base or primer they work great though.

I swatched each row on bare skin and over Urban Decay's Primer potion.

Top row, bare skin, flash

Top row, over UDPP, flash

Bottom row, bare skin, flash

Bottom row, over UDPP, flash

My favorites of this palette are Green Iguana, Purple Haze, Green Martini and Singapore Sling.
Not all the palettes I have from Sleek have names for the colours but I'm glad all these new palettes do.

Sleek also came out with another palette, with more neutral colours, which is called "Oh So Special". I believe this is part of their permanent line since it isn't part of a collection.
This palette has got some great shadows to create any kind of neutral look with. It has some matte and some shimmery colours, going from really light to black so you could do an every day eye look with this but also a really dark smokey eye. If you can't get your hands on the Urban Decay Naked palette or it's too expensive, definitely check out this palette!

Sleek Oh So Special palette (click for larger view)

Here are the swatches, with and without primer.

Top row, bare skin, flash

Top row, over UDPP, fash

Bottom row, bare skin, flash

Bottom row, over UDPP, flash

My favorites: Glitz, Celebrate, Boxed and Wrapped Up.
I'm not too crazy about the matte pinks in this palette. Not as eyeshadows anyway, but I've found they work nicely as blushes.
I love how pigmented the matte black (Noir) that comes with a lot of these palettes is. I won't have to buy a matte black in a looong time, haha.

I'll probably do some eye looks with these palettes in the future, so look out for that!



  1. I love sleek palettes, they are just brilliant xx

  2. They are! I'm so glad I can get them here.

  3. I really love your swatches! They are great! I'm in the US, thinking about ordering a few Sleek palettes, so this was a great help!