Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Haul: MAC - Fashion Flower


On July 16th, the Fashion Flower collection was released in Belgium and the Netherlands.

(pic credit: Temptalia)

(pic credit: Temptalia)

After looking at severals hauls and reviews (which I always do before going into the store), I made a wish list:
- Alpha Girl and Light Sunshine beauty powders
- Budding Beauty lipgelee
- Groundcover and Bows & Curtseys eyeshadows

I really liked  Lucky Green eyeshadow as well, but that's a permanent colour, so I could pick that up at any time in a refill pan.
After checking out and swatching all products in store, I decided to get everything I had on my wishist.

Here are some pictures of my purchases (in daylight):

Budding Beauty lipgelee

Bows & Curtseys eyeshadow

Groundcover eyeshadow

Light Sunshine beauty powder

Alpha Girl beauty powder

I like the flower pattern on the products, even tho it will eventually wear off. 
I love using Alpha Girl as a blush and Bows & Curtseys as a nice smokey eye colour. 
For better quality pictures and swatches of the entire collection, check out this video from Temptalia (if you haven't noticed already, I love this girl haha, she always makes such helpful reviews!)

Next MAC collection I'm looking forward to: MAC Me Over, launches internationally in the beginning of September.

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