Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Haul: Models Own Sale

A while ago I posted about the 50% off sale Models Own was having for their Facebook fans. I obviously couldn't pass on that offer and placed an order a couple hours after the sale went live. I know from reading the comments on their facebook wall that a lot of people had problems with their orders. Mine went through after trying a couple times so I'm not complaining. I also noticed that they replied to comments and questions very quickly, especially considering how busy it was. So I think their customus service is excellent!

My Models Own goodies arrived last friday, a week after I placed my order (I live in Belgium). Everything arrived in one piece so I'm a very happy customer :)

I always find it difficult to get a good idea of what the colour of a certain product looks like in person from the pictures you see online. So before I ordered I searched for nail polish swatches. I chose colours that I didn't already have and hadn't seen in drugstores here in Belgium. Also added a white and a black cause the ones I have need like a million coats to get them opaque.

So here are the things I got:

Polishes from left to right (5 cremes and 5 glitters):
- Snow White
- Peach Sherbet 
- Nude Beige 
- Purple Grey
- Black Magic 
- Mixed Up
- Disco Mix
- Purple Haze
- Magenta Divine
- Silver Spangle

- Black + Purple Sparkle Powder Eyeshadow
- Natural Curl Lash

Close up picture of the eye shadow:

Blurred to show purple sparkle

Close up of the lashes:

They are called Natural Lash and when I saw the picture on the website they did look the most natural of the ones they had, thats why I got them. But they are very very long, which is actually a good thing cause I have a couple pair of false lashes that look similar but they aren't this long. They'll look great with dramatic eye makeup.

I swatched the nail polishes and tried to get the colours as accurate as possible. All swatches are 3 coats, but only Snow White and Peach Sherbert (looks more yellow on the pictures, more peach in person) really needed 3. Really happy with the glitter polishes too. Bought them to put on top of other polishes and the glitter looks really nice with one coat.
Polishes in same order as above:

Blurred so you can see the glitter better. So sparkly!

Natural light

I can't wait to try each one on my nails and use the glitters over different polishes. I'll be posting more swatches of each polish on my nails and different combinations with the glitter polishes.

I'm going to Wales for a couple days on thursday and I'll definitely check out Models Own's other products and I look forward to seeing their full range of polishes in person and possibly pick up a couple more of them.

Definitely check out there website here and thanks again to Models Own for this amazing sale!



  1. Hi Tanja

    Cool blog ;o)love that eye shadow may have to invest!

    I loveee MO as well, got like 33 polishes now i think which is totally ridiculous lol

    Take care


    t x

  2. Lovely haul, i love models own.
    I love the sparkle polishes theyre amaze.