Monday, July 4, 2011

Tutorial: Smokey eye tutorial n°1 (using Urban Decay's Naked palette)

Remember me :)?  I've been super busy, but I'm back and I have a tutorial for you!

This is gonna be a tutorial on one way of doing a smokey eye. For this look u only need 3 shades in whatever color you choose, a light one (Toasted / Urban Decay), medium ( Hustle / Urban Decay) and a dark shade (Creep / Urban Decay), a highlight color (Virgin / Urban Decay),an eyeliner pencil (Zero / Urban Decay) and mascara (False Lash Effect / Max Factor). The light color doesn't really have to be light. You can go as dark as you want, the light color just has to be lighter than the medium color and the medium color has to be lighter than the darkest one. Did that make sense? Yes? Good :)

I put my Tumblr url on the pictures before I decided to post them on here too, so ignore that or go check out my Tumblr!

I started off by doing what I do before pretty much any eye look. I primed my eye with Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP), filled in my brow with Brun and highlighted my brow bone with Vanilla, both from MAC.
I then lined my top and bottom lashline and waterline (tightline) with Zero 24/7 pencil form Urban Decay. Doesn't have to be neat, we're going to smudge it out anyway.

Next, I smudged out the liner on the top and bottom with Hustle from Urban Decay (Naked Palette) with a pencil brush (MAC 219) and brought it up to the crease with a flat shader brush (MAC 239) and blended it out a little.

I then took my lightest shade, Toasted from Urban Decay (Naked Palette), and put it in the crease with a blending brush (MAC 217) and blended it upwards. You can go up to the brow as far as you like. Go back with your medium shade if you want to intensify it a little more after blending. I also smudged Toasted along the lower lashline with a pencil brush and put Virgin from Urban Decay (Naked Palette)in the inner corner as a highlight.

To make the lashline even darker, I used Creep from Urban Decay (Naked Palette) right along the top and bottom lashes. Add plenty off mascara. I used Max Factor False Lash Effect. I also applied false lashes (I used lashes from Claire's), but that's totally optional! Finish with concealer under the eyes, I used MAC's Select Cover-up in NW20. You can do your concealer before you do anything else, but I prefer doing it last so I can wipe away any fallout that might have dropped under my eyes.

Et Voilà! You're smokey eyes are done!

Hope this was helpful and I'll be back with the second smokey eye soon!