Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Experiment: Orly Bonder + INM topcoat: final results

I came home from my exam today and the first thing I did was take off this mess lol

As you can see, the polish had started chipping and peeling. And when I see the polish coming off on the sides, I have to peel it off. I just cant help myself.The polish on my right thumb nail came off in one bit, but that was actually because the patch I had underneath was coming off. 
I have to say though, the polish actually looked like the updated pictures untill yesterday morning. , so morning of day 7. Now, I'd normally never wear a certain polish for 8 days like I did for this experiment, so I'm really happy with the results. It looked fine for a good 6 days. And if I had applied another coat of the topcoat every other day, it might have even lasted longer. And perhaps a higher quality polish would have done better too. the Catrice polishes are pretty cheap but I do like them and think the quality is great for the price.

Conclusion: I personally really like how the Orly Bonder and the INM topcoat worked together. They weren't expensive and I'll definitely repurchase when I run out of them.

Over time I might try other top and base coats just to see if theres anything I like better. I used to have the Seche Vite which I really liked, but since I didn't paint my nails as much then as I do now, It became all thick and goopy before I got the chance to finish the bottle. And at that time, I had actually never heard of nail polish thinners lol, so I threw it away. Might try it again after I'm done with the INM topcoat.

If you haven't tried any of these polishes before and you find them for a decent price, I'd say definitely give them a chance. I hope this experiment was somewhat useful lol.

So have you had better results with other top and base coats? What are you favorites?

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